Weekend Sales. Working

I woke up today to three sales on Shutterstock which is a rare thing because I don’t usually get sales on weekends and if I do, it’s usually just one image. And I don’t often get serial sales when the same person goes on to buy more than one picture at once. I hope this means that I’ve finally started to draw the right stuff. All of the pictures were uploaded last Saturday so it took exactly a week for them to have their first sale.

I like looking at statistics like that even though I understand that it’s way too soon to make any conclusions on that. My portfolio is still very tiny. Only 462 images. That’s nothing. Some illustrators and photographers have thousands upon thousands of images.

I remember back when I was still starting out I thought that it’s impossible to draw 10 pictures a day. I could barely manage to make two or three. Now that I’ve figured out what works for me, I can easily make a set of 10+ images in one day. If only I wasn’t procrastinating and did it every day. Ha-ha. xD

This is my work and I should treat it more like work. It’s hard in the sense that I’m not accountable to anyone but myself. Because of that, it’s easy to say “I don’t want to keyword images today. I’ll do it tomorrow.” But I’m getting better in the way that I’m optimizing my work routine. I think of ways to make it less boring and slow paced so that I could focus on what I enjoy doing. Drawing.