Cats and Dogs. Mid March Life Update



Can you guess, why I’m writing this blog post? That’s right. I have some work to get done and I’m procrastinating. And what better way is there to procrastinate other than to update your blog?

To be frank, I was set on updating this blog every week with either my random ramblings or week in pictures type of posts, but then life sort of got in the way. And next thing I know it’s three weeks after I last posted something.

And funny thing. I just got my punishment for procrastinating. When I first started writing this blog post yesterday, I wrote around 500 words. And somehow I must have forgotten to save it. So I’ve decided to delete half of the pictures I was going to post and make this life update a short one and mostly consisting of cat pictures. Читати далі


My Poetry and Stuff


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Yesterday I posted a few of my poems to my new writing blog. You can find it at Halyna’s Writing Blog. I was surprised to get quite a lot of love for my poems because it’s a new blog and I didn’t even share it anywhere. Then I realized that people are finding my poems through tags in WordPress Reader. I had no idea ’cause I’ve never used it before. So that was a nice boost for my confidence. Go check out my latest poem Wolves and tell me what you think in the comments!

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Weekend Sales. Working


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I woke up today to three sales on Shutterstock which is a rare thing because I don’t usually get sales on weekends and if I do, it’s usually just one image. And I don’t often get serial sales when the same person goes on to buy more than one picture at once. I hope this means that I’ve finally started to draw the right stuff. All of the pictures were uploaded last Saturday so it took exactly a week for them to have their first sale.

I like looking at statistics like that even though I understand that it’s way too soon to make any conclusions on that. My portfolio is still very tiny. Only 462 images. That’s nothing. Some illustrators and photographers have thousands upon thousands of images.

I remember back when I was still starting out I thought that it’s impossible to draw 10 pictures a day. I could barely manage to make two or three. Now that I’ve figured out what works for me, I can easily make a set of 10+ images in one day. If only I wasn’t procrastinating and did it every day. Ha-ha. xD

This is my work and I should treat it more like work. It’s hard in the sense that I’m not accountable to anyone but myself. Because of that, it’s easy to say “I don’t want to keyword images today. I’ll do it tomorrow.” But I’m getting better in the way that I’m optimizing my work routine. I think of ways to make it less boring and slow paced so that I could focus on what I enjoy doing. Drawing.

Just an idea. Blogging and stuff


There I was… Listening to a lecture on mythology whilst playing some silly game on the Russian clone of Facebook, when it suddenly dawned on me. What if I come back to my old WordPress blog, that I love dearly and still can’t get over abandoning, and just continue blogging there in English? Yes, I’ve probably bored you all to death with this but once again I’m thinking about my abundance of blogs and what to do with them.

I’ve been thinking about starting another WordPress blog for my writing and make it look professional this time. But my main WordPress blog is this one. I don’t know how to manage multiple WordPress blogs with all the profiles and commenting on other blogs and stuff. It’s probably not that complicated but I’m lazy and don’t want to stress over this. I want my blogging experience to be simple and pleasant.

So I came to the conclusion that I should just write in my Ukrainian blog in English and pretend that it’s supposed to be like this.

That would be more convenient as well because all of my social media handles are ‘halcja’. I thought about changing them to my name but again, it’s so troublesome! I don’t want to think about that. I just want to blog!

One more reason why I want to come back to WordPress is that it feels more user-friendly. There are many features that I miss on Blogger like the word count tool, automated posting to social media accounts, the like button on blog posts and comments. And to top it all off, time and time again I want to comment on some blog and it turns out that it’s a WordPress blog so when I want to leave my Blogger blog link I have to make way too many clicks and feel a little like an intruder.

That’s what’s on my mind this morning. I hope that this will be my last blog post about my blogs because I’m starting to get annoyed with myself. And how are you guys doing?

Random cat picture for those of you who’ve managed to get through this boring blog post.

Подкаст “Гніздечко Гальці”. Випуск 3


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