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Midnight Peptalk

After a long while, I finally feel like writing again. I don’t know if it’s because there have been some positive changes in my life recently or maybe it’s just the weather changing, but I feel different. I just hope that this will last.

Starting next Monday I will have more time to myself. It’s scary but I need to be more confident and content with myself. I need to let go of my crutches and start living again. I need to be more independent, even if it means something as trivial as to do the laundry or cook dinner.

I’ve already talked about my plans for the third quarter of the year 2018 here. My heart is sinking at the thought that I will procrastinate and fail to accomplish anything. But right now at this very moment I’m writing a blogpost, which counts as productive. Today I’ve posted something in German to my Instagram, which counts as language practice. And I’ve been reading a dreadful book, but the point is that I’ve been reading it. So here I have at least three of the things that are on my to-do list, that I’m already successing in. I’m hopeful that it’ll be like this from now on. I’ll still allow myself breaks, but I’ll remind myself that one bad day doesn’t equal failure. I can start over the next day. One step away from the plan doesn’t mean that I’m off the road. I can still see my goals and nothing is stopping me!

That’s enough of self-motivation for now.

And how are you doing, dear friends?

July Life Update. Thoughts, Plans, and To-Do List

I’ve already given up on the idea of trying to keep this blog updated on a regular basis. I’m always either too busy, depressed or lazy to type out a new blog post, even though I feel bad about not updating my blog. I love blogging, even if no one is reading my ramblings. I try to keep a journal, but blogging is different. Maybe it’s the thought that someone might be reading it, that someone might actually care. I’ve never really had any friends to use as a shoulder to cry on, so that’s why I’m sometimes over the top honest in my blog posts.

So just now I was trying to log into my FB from my mum’s laptop because I wanted to post a few ramblings. I thought that it wasn’t important enough for a blog post, and stuff like that goes to FB (and whenever I need to rant about my relatives without them ever finding out, I go to Twitter. Because who cares about my Twitter?). However, as it usually happens, I couldn’t remember my password. I didn’t feel like changing it yet again, so here we are. Continue reading “July Life Update. Thoughts, Plans, and To-Do List”